A few words about us 100mig

With a manufacturing area of more than 26,000 square meters and with approximately 48 staff KRETZER is stepping-up production to a weekly total of more than 23,000 scissors.

Therefore an annual average total of almost 1.2 million pieces will be distributed world-wide.

The precondition for getting this huge quantity in a consistant high quality is a most progressive production plant and technology.
KRETZER combines this with decades of experience and master crafts man skills.
All market areas are covered with our shears for industrial, professional, household, hairdressing, garden and hobby use and individual special products.

The result: piece by piece products of superior quality - with guarantee!

With scissors and shears for industrial, professional, household, hairdressing, garden and hobby use together with individual special products all market areas are completly covered.

The industry and individual customers alike will be served by specialized dealers committed to the KRETZER product.

Should you require more information on one of the worlds biggest manufactures please ask us for our KRETZER catalog. Call us or visit us directly!



Kretzer Scheren Solingen provides a comprehensive guarantee in compliance with our quality assurance, against the material and the workmanship, under normal use. We will replace any defective products.



Founded: 1923
Output: 1.2 million pieces
Export-split: 49%
Employees: 48

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