1923 Established by Johann Kretzer and his two sons Ernst Kretzer and Hans Kretzer. Kretzer’s mission: creating the right scissors for all cutting purpose

1925 Entry in register of companies

1930 Until 1930 production of manicure instruments and tweezers for other companies. Johann Kretzer gives his company’s shares to his two sons

1944 Due to electricity cut the companies had to move from Uferstraße to a typical Solingen „Kotten“ using water-power and enabling continuation of production

50er Jahre Move to new production site Löhdorferstraße (extended grounds)

Kretzer established „Robin Werkzeug GmbH“ company and distributed his scissors through that company

With „Robin Werkzeug GmbH“ and an extending export business Kretzer grew quickly in the postwar period. Within only two years the number of employees was doubled

Anfang der 60er Jahre Formation of a second production facility in the German Eifel

Anfang der 70er Jahre Acqiusition of "Clauberg KG". Workshop, enabling complete scissor production from raw material

1969 The most important year for the Kretzer company:
The FINNY line - stainless steel scissors with plastic handles - was presented on the market. Almost all production of these scissors is automatic and although less manual work is required, the quality of the FINNY scissors is excellent.

1999 Finny Alpha wins Design-Award

2000 Kretzer celebrates 75th anniversary

2023 Kretzer celebrates 100th anniversary

Heute Kretzer is the biggest manufacturer worldwide of Solingen made scissors, represented on all continents by importers with its complete production range. Kretzer produces 1.3 million scissors per year. The product range consists of 750 different products - starting with the 3.5“ nail scissors up to a 14“ tin snip.