Care of my scissors

How do I take care of my scissors?

Like every other tool that is continually used, scissors need maintenance. Using the wrong scissors for an application can ruin any pair (i.e. cutting wire with cuticle scissors). The key maintenance points are:

¨ keep the scissors clean and dry in a safe place

¨ clean regularly

¨ periodically oil the points of contact, particularly after cleaning

¨ maintenance should only be done by an expert. In addition to the specialty outlets, KRETZER SCISSORS SOLINGEN has a repair service:

¨ Kretzer hair scissors are high end professional tools which have been designed for continuous every day usage. Regular maintenance will extend the life of these scissors.

1. Use hair scissors only for cutting hair!

2. Have your Kretzer hair scissors regularly serviced and sharpened at Kretzer Service (info(at) This will extend the life of your scissors.

3. Clean your hair scissors on a daily basis with a soft cloth to avoid any buildup.

4. On a daily basis remove all hair remnants, particularly from the ride.

5. Keep your scissors in a safe place to avoid any damage to it. If the scissors are dropped, the point and/or the blades could be easily damaged.

6. Periodically oil the ride (joint) and the blades. Use only scissors oil for this purpose.