Welcome to the Kretzer Scheren Solingen customer service

We offer the following services:

1. Guarante:

Kretzer Scheren Solingen provides a comprehensive guarantee in compliance with our quality assurance, against the material and the workmanship, under normal use. We will replace any defective products.

2. Repair service:

Kretzer Scheren Solingen provides an authorized, expert sharpening and repair service. These are available through Kretzer Scheren Solingen, or your specialized dealer.

3. Product consultation:

Kretzer Scheren Solingen gives complete and individual consultations about its products, and supports the Kretzer representatives in technical areas as well as with frequent special offers and sales promotions.
4. Custom-built:

Kretzer Scheren Solingen adapts to your needs and listens to your cutting-related problems, and develops special scissors to handle your challenging material.