For most people, a pair of scissors is an everyday tool, which they are not even aware of using on a regular basis. Here is a fascinating fact: everybody has several scissors at home and at work, but these are rarely used for a specific purpose.
Take a moment to count the scissors in your home and your professional environment. Almost every aspect of life and every profession has a pair of scissors for its particular use. Even today, around 700 types of scissors are in common use. Me fecit Solingen (Latin - I was made in Solingen) for centuries has constituted an unsurpassed mark of quality for fine knives and scissors. Solingen is now a legal trademark, which guarantees that users will benefit from the very best quality.
This Catalog presents our contribution to the fascinating world of scissors: a world characterized by craftsmanship and technical ability, by old and new materials. A timeless world, poised between tradition and present-day.
In the following pages, you will find some information about the origins and history of the scissors, about our assortment and about our products. I hope you enjoy it.